Charlotte NC Real Estate Market Bucks National Trends

The fact is that many people in the U.S are completely unaware that there are still real estate markets that are still expanding and growing. Manhattan commercial real estate is just one of these market niches that continues to experience phenomenal growth but the problem there is you have to have millions of dollars to get into that market.

However; one area that the average homeowner can find shelter from this decades real estate “perfect storm” is the Charlotte, NC real estate market. All one has to do is look at the numbers that are coming out of the Charlotte, NC real estate market to see that it holds fantastic opportunity for anyone that is tired of the “boom to bust” markets that seem to dominate the landscape of so many areas of the U.S.

The average home that goes up for sale in the greater Charlotte NC area now sells in 78 days on average and this same average home is still appreciating in value by 6%. Also, the average median home price in the Charlotte NC real estate market now stands at $225,000 which is only the average which means that there are homes there for much less than that as well as more.

So for young families looking for their first start up home as well as families looking to finally achieving their dream of owning and living in a custom 5,000 square foot dream home, its “pick and choose” in Charlotte NC right now.

It’s the slow yet “steady” real estate appreciation that the Charlotte NC real estate market has experienced over the past few decades that shields it from “adjustment” periods that afflict so many other real estate markets in the U.S. This growth trend has been projected on into the future with no sign of slowing down, due the expanding and more diverse business climate in the greater Charlotte NC area.