Charlotte NC Real Estate – Myers Park

Under the historic canopied boulevards of Myers Park the birds tweet and the joggers jog. This is where the elite of Charlotte NC planted their roots many years ago, and those on the move live (or pine to live) today. The homes you find here, are set in a nest of harmony between uptown and the outward sprawl. Pleasing, accessible, yet exclusive, you get to be enveloped by the best of the old and the best of the new.

For the most part, the old money has helped usher in the new. Casual ease of upscale style brings with it the calm feel of this neighborhood. The estate sized lots have signature homes set back in the distance from their shady boulevards.

Homes that were not quite up to snuff, have been replaced with new homes that are designed to blend in with their neighbors. Many eloquent homes grace us with their architectural beauty enhanced by the natural beauty that surrounds them. As you might expect, some of these original Myers Park homes have been registered as local, state and/or national historic properties.

Speaking to some of its original owners, now in their 80′s, you would be surprised to know that Myers Park was once considered to be WAY out in the country. Today, it is the closest of the finest neighborhoods in Charlotte. Populated by Doctors, Lawyers and Politicians…and then those, the few left that remember it as one of the first “suburbs” of Charlotte. Dirt roads and all!

The magnificent towering Oak trees set the stage for this neighborhood. Back in the days of the old dirt roads, these Oak saplings were drug in by mule with men guiding the way on foot. Those same trees are some of Charlotte’s most treasured assets. They are stately, they are gorgeous. During the occasional ice storm, they are on are ‘worry’ list.